Daily Dumbass!

We hear about criminals hiding drugs in their rectums all the time. We NEVER hear about any of them who are willing to do something THIS disgusting.

Yesterday morning, police raided 26-year-old Anthony Leopold Rowe’s home in Easton, Pennsylvania. Anthony was a known drug dealer who had a felony arrest warrant for selling heroin.

When the cops arrived, Anthony’s first instinct was, of course, to jam as many drugs into his rectum as he could. For some reason he decided to shove his marijuana up there and leave his heroin out.

Then, as Anthony ran from the police, he did something you just don’t usually see . . . he took the marijuana OUT of his no-go hole and started EATING IT.

The police caught him before he could swallow all of it. He was charged with several crimes for heroin and marijuana possession, and also for tampering with evidence.

One final note: This all went down as Anthony was wearing a t-shirt that looks like a fake cardigan and bowtie, with a nametag that says, quote, “Sexy and I know it.” Nothing about his morning was sexy. Nothing.

(Allentown Morning Call)

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