Here Are the Five Most Vegetarian-Friendly Stadiums in the NFL, According to PETA

The folks at PETA released their annual list of the most vegetarian-friendly stadiums in the NFL. Here’s a look at the top five:

#1.) Lincoln Financial Field . . . home of the Philadelphia Eagles: They finished first for the third year in a row. They offer spicy falafel, grilled-vegetable hoagies, hummus and pita chips . . . and something called seitan brisket. (–It’s pronounced SAY tan.)

#2.) Gillette Stadium . . . home of the New England Patriots: In addition to veggie dogs, black-bean burgers, and grilled Portobello mushroom burgers, you can get a field-green salad with herbed tofu, cranberries and nuts.

#3.) The Coliseum . . . home of the Oakland Raiders: It’s better known as the Oakland Coliseum. You can get veggie fajitas . . . and vegan chocolate fondue.

#4.) The Georgia Dome . . . home of the Atlanta Falcons: They offer hummus and veggie dogs . . . but you can also get vegan sloppy Joes.

#5.) Ford Field . . . home of the Detroit Lions: They’ve got the vegan sloppy Joes too . . . and also vegan energy bars.


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