YOUR (not mine) Daily Dumbass!!!

You know times are tough when THIS is the type of question we’re asking: How much money would it take for you to dunk your head in a five-gallon bucket of other people’s PEE?

How about $450? Because that’s what one Cleveland Browns fan pocketed for doing it at a tailgate this weekend. And the video of it is on YouTube.

Just to be clear, this was a tailgate BEFORE the Browns-Bengals game. So right after he does it, he starts squirting hand sanitizer all over his head . . . because he still had to go sit through an entire football game.

(–And he probably smelled like a toilet anyway. Maybe it was good luck though, because the Browns managed to beat the Bengals 34 to 24, and win their first game of the season. They’re now 1 and 5.)

(–He does it at 2:29, and grabs the hand sanitizer at 2:40. At :45, he says his wife is going to kill him if he does it, and his friends promise she won’t find out. Around 1:20, some random guy tries to one-up him and offers to do it for $200.)

WARNING: It really is disgusting, reading about it should be just fine for you, but if you must. Here is the video

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