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Podcast 07-27-2013

twit_scottsoden twit_kilbreath

Scott gives a quick update on the Ghost situation. Stephen talks about going to Gaffigan, and Scott explains how he tried. Some body odor talk, along with what the guys have been up to the past couple weeks.  No, those two aren’t related.  The show ends with The Summer of ’84 movies and what a great year that was for film.  I know there is a lot more that they talked about, but I just can’t remember it all right now.

Podcast 07-15-2013

twit_scottsoden twit_kilbreath

The podcast kicks off with Scott swearing he has seen a ghost. Twice. Both times at night, leaving the podcast from Stephens house.  Guess what Stephen tells Scott about it?  Stephen talks about his trip to the new Issaquah movie theater, and the (lack of) help situation there, they discuss Zimmerman, fireworks, and a bunch more.  Go get it kids!

Podcast 07-13-2013 – Tribute to Pearl Jam w/ Trent


Trent has created another music oriented podcast for your listening pleasure! This time Trent tackles the legendary American rock band Pearl Jam. Trent plays deep live cuts from throughout their career, plus, as a bonus, the new single Mind Your Manners. Be sure to listen until the very end of the show so you can hear an unreleased track that may appear on the next album.

Would you like the music in this podcast?

Trent is a huge music fan, loves Seattle sports, and the capitol of Nebraska is Lincoln!

Podcast 07-01-2013

twit_scottsoden twit_kilbreath

Scott gives an update on his driving situation, Stephen talks about social media and the difference between them. Stephen asks if he should be offended at something that happened. Some pride discussion, Cher discussion, all this, and so much more.

Podcast 06-26-2013

twit_scottsoden twit_kilbreath

FINALLY a new podcast is able to be produced.  Scott explains what happened Sunday night that prevented it.  He breaks in to a full-on sweat explaining it.  Lots of discussion about Paula Deen/racism, and the evolution of humans as well.  Enjoy!

Podcast 06-19-2013

twit_scottsoden twit_kilbreath

The show starts out with a few songs the guys forgot they loved/hadn’t heard before.  Stephen talks about the mud-run he did, a deer crossing, and the 206 show.  Scott explains which job’s assessment test he failed, and brings up a radio story from Atlanta that has been very controversial.  Some news stories, and much more!

Podcast 06-03-2013

twit_scottsoden twit_kilbreath

New podcast gets under way with a 15 minute discussion of the song Always Something There to Remind Me (listen, you will see why), Scott talks about the hole-in-the-shirt-debacle that happened Saturday night, Stephen discusses applying for a new job and pancakes, they both agree on how great the store Ross is, a couple complaints from Scott, the usual lists/stats, all this and WAY more that I totally forgot about. Just listen, you will dig it.