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Podcast 03-27-2014

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Mitch Brotherton (twitter: @djdoughboy) joins us to start with his list of one-hit wonders from the 90′s. Then Mike Gastineau (twitter: @gasman206 / web: phones in to discuss life, career, and his book Sounders FC: Authentic Masterpiece.

Pictures from when the car that struck the building I was working in.  Yay meth!



Podcast 03-20-2014

twit_scottsoden twit_kilbreath

A new podcast with the guys after a small hiatus. They discuss the reasons for the break, the stress of school parking lots, a couple friends of the show check in, stealing music, and another two hours of full of the usual. Plus, the funniest video Scott has seen so far this year.  Not safe for work, male genitalia ahead.

Podcast 11-14-2013

twit_scottsoden twit_kilbreath

Finally a new podcast that gets into the reason Scott hasn’t been able to do a new one for a while.  The guys discuss the dawgs and hawks, bullying, and the usual nonsense that accompanies a podcast.  Over two hours of free entertainment for you and only you.  Sorry it took so long, they should be back on a somewhat regular schedule.  Wait, why are you holding your breath, don’t do that!

Podcast 10-02-2013

twit_scottsoden twit_kilbreath

We finally get together to chop it up about TV and sports. Wait, was that all we talked about? I can’t remember, but it IS 2 hours.  Enjoy

Podcast 08-23-2013

twit_scottsoden twit_kilbreath

FINALLY a new podcast! The guys catch up on their lives, talk some sports, and even check in with an old friend via THE Skype.  They started out talking about the top 100 movies of all time, until Stephen, who had been up since 1:15 AM let out a giant yawn, and Scott suggested it may be time to pack it in.  Enjoy!

Podcast 08-08-2013 – Tribute to Led Zeppelin w/ Trent


Trent has created another music oriented podcast for your listening pleasure! This time Trent plays you songs from the powerful and glorious band Led Zeppelin. All the songs played are live cuts from live albums and bootlegs. Trent also plays some of the original songs from blues artists that influence the mighty.

Trent is a huge music fan, loves Seattle sports, and the capitol of Nebraska is Lincoln!